​Phoebe & Belle is a lifestyle store offering furniture, home décor, gifts, pantry items, and garden accessories.

Inspired by the ease of Long Island's North Fork, we believe homes should be as functional as they are beautiful.

​Phoebe & Belle is the brainchild of Kathy Perretta – a longtime North Forker with a passion for design and food.

With the North Fork’s plentiful small farms and vineyards, the foodie in Kathy was well satiated, but her design-loving self felt there was something missing.

Kathy decided to open Phoebe & Belle, a store to showcase beautiful and functional home decor and serve as a perfect go-to for gifts, kitchen, and garden furnishings.

With the help of Kathy’s business partner and daughter Annie, a fellow design enthusiast, Phoebe & Belle opened its doors in June of 2014.

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